List of Small Scale Industries in India

List of Small Scale Industries in India

Small scale industry may seem small but actually contributes a king part to the overall development of the economy of India. Starting any one from the list of small scale industries will be easier for you as the government avails a great support for such initiatives. List of small scale industries keeps on extending with the budding upon of new ideas day by day and this will continue as far as man loses his ability to think which is impossible. Thus the list of small scale industries will be extending continuously. The main characteristic of a typical small scale industry is the intensiveness of labor. A lot of people depend on the wide list of small scale industries for their living.

India is one of the most populous nations in the world and it is obviously harder to provide employment for all. So, government has started to put prominence on the available list of small scale industriesand also welcoming the new genuine ideas in the same regard. There are several categories of small scale industries which you can start from the list of small scale industries. The selection depends on certain common and also some relative factors. The main in the list of small scale industries is the manufacturing industries.

Those industries which manufacture complete product for consuming directly or for the processing industries are manufacturing industries like that of Khadi industries, power looms, industries processing food, engineering industries etc. Another type of industries in the list of small scale industries is those which manufacture the components and parts and even the rendering services for large industries.

These types of industries are known as ancillary industries. The service industries provide repairing services inevitable for maintaining the mechanical equipments. The labor skill directly influences the success of such an industry. Another from among the list of small scale industries comes under feeder industries which are specialized in certain products of services like that of welding, casting, electroplating and many more. Mining is another industry which too has enough scope.

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Starting a small scale industry will also be a service to the nation as it will help a lot in eradicating the problem of unemployment. It is often seen that people from villages migrate to urban areas in search of jobs and situations compel them to settle there. This eventually leads to the evils of slum formation, pollution and overcrowding. Nation will surely progress with the adequate usage of local resources by the small scale industries and the regional development will be possible. Your small scale industry will support the larger industries and this will help in exporting which will bring prosperity to the nation.

There is a wide list of small scale industries from which you can choose your business. Getting skilled workers is a matter of great relevance. It is equally important that you too have in-depth knowledge in the field you choose so that managing the industry never becomes a hectic task. This will surely help you to be successful in your venture.

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