Small Scale Industries in India

Small Scale Industries in India

Being a developing country, we have great scope for small scale industries in India. There are many well developed small scale industries in India. Especially in rural areas such industries can wisely exploit the employment potential. It utilises the indigenous resources to produce useful articles.  Many of these industries also utilises the industrial waste. n techniques in foreign land.  

It also helps in the preservation of many indigenous and traditional practises in production industry. The women employment has been increased due to these small scale industries in India, especially in rural areas. Small scale industries in India is of many types-starting from clothes, traditional items, handicrafts etc. Indian economy has gained much through these industries.

Small scale industries in India provides a lot of employment opportunities for the people. Most of these industries do not require highly qualified persons for work. Hence the ordinary people in rural areas find it easy to get on the job. Hence the tendency of rural migration is reduced-that is the migration of rural people to urban areas where more facilities and opportunities are available which can cause unnecessary concentration of population in an area. These industries reduce the burden on the imports. This is done by providing the necessary articles in a cheaper rate as for the small scale industries in India the resources and raw materials are locally available.

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These small scale industries in IndiaThis is one of its notable advantages.  Some of the small scale industries of India have a potential of foreign income. Although they face export difficulties many of these industries are already a source of income from abroad. This is because of the fondness of particular indigenous articles or certaialso satisfactorily fulfil the demands and the needs of local markets. Thus a part of the burden on government is also reduced as there is no need of transporting articles to these local markets. Many of the products of these small scale industries in India can be priceless pieces once they reach another country.  This also helps in preserving tradition.

Many small scale industries in India wisely use the locally available raw materials. What makes these industries easy to start is that they require low capital when compared to large scale industries. The work involved in such industries is mostly manual and less mechanised. That is they are labour intensive unlike large scale industries which are capital intensive. Thus highly sophisticated machines and technologies are not involved which considerably reduces the capital. By providing large scale employment opportunities they stabilises the distribution of the national income to some extent.

There are many problems that these industries face today. They include problem in exporting, marketing finance, lack of raw materials and proper technological knowledge etc. If given a little assistance and guidance from the part of the government these small scale industries can prove to be a good source of income and can stabilise and help in the economic development of the country. The help provided must include measures to improve productivity, marketing assistance, exporting assistance, providing new technologies and its knowledge etc. If these steps are taken, Indian economy can gain much from these small scale industries in India.



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